Outing With Family Essay

Probably you have gone to many family outings and have had an amazing time. One of those moments was outstanding and you can’t wait to share the experience with your colleagues in school. Your teacher will also be waiting to read through the paper and award you. What is the best way of writing such an essay? How do you cover all the aspects while at the same time showcasing your prowess in writing? Well, here are the tips:

  • Start immediately
  • The more time you have to write an essay, the better the outcome will be! Thus, if your teacher gives you such an assignment, do not shelve it. Rather, start collecting the materials that you need to complete the task.

  • Read samples
  • Experience is not the best teacher! Indeed, you don’t have fail for you to understand how to write a good essay; the process will be painful and frustrating. In this regard, go through what others have written in the past and get an idea on how they introduced their work, how they wrote the main ideas and how they concluded their paper. Consider the formatting details such as the acceptable margins and fonts as well. Doing so will make a wise writer.

  • Take a risk
  • Being different can be risky. It is, however, rewarding if you show your readers that you are confident. Write about an outing that everyone else in class does not consider fun and give it a twist so that it captures the attention of the reader. For instance, an outing that others may consider terrible can have its good side if you just look closely.

  • Get a second opinion
  • Even the best writers ask for a second and even third opinion before submitting their work to a publishing firm. Ask the people around you what they think about your ideas before you start writing. You will be amazed at the suggestions that you will get by doing this.

  • Be accurate
  • Your ideas should flow so that the readers are not left with unanswered questions. Avoid contradicting yourself and using informal language, wrong capitalization and abbreviations.

  • Don’t write too much
  • Do not exceed the word limit that your tutor gave you in the instructions. It is easy to make mistakes and go off the topic as you write lengthy essays. Further, you have a chance to go back to what you have written and make corrections if you write less.

    All in all, to write the best essay on fun-filled outing with your family, you must start early, read samples, get help, consider accuracy, write less and be unique.

    We had looked forward to the weekend outing for quite sometime. All of us had been very busy these last two months. We had been busy with our examinations and Dad had lots of government inspectors and various trade delegations visiting his factory. Mum as usual, poor thing. had been caught between entertaining and household chores. So we had all decided that it was time we had a break and planned a weekend on the beach. There was a small Rest House where we intended to stay the night.

    Saturday came and we were up long before the sun. Dad took out the car from the garage and we boys started loading our stuff. Swimming trunks and towels, baskets of food, an ice-box duly stuffed with fruit and drinks - all these and our overnight cases found their way into the car. My brother was keen to take his air gun, but I was not inclined. I looked forward to a day in the sun and to an occasional swim in the sea. I also carried a book or two for those leisure moments.

    We were used to similar outings but this one was extra special as it was after a very busy period and we felt we had deserved it and moreover it would be a lovely experience to have out parents relax and be at our beck and call. So we excitedly prepared for it. But just as we were about to start, the phone rang and Dad rushed upstairs to attend to it. It was a call from one of his senior colleagues asking him to attend an important meeting that morning. We held our breath. Would the outing be cancelled? Frustration and irritation were beginning to work on us. But no, he persuaded his colleague to manage without him and we left for the beach.

    We drove and soon reached the open countryside with trees by the roadside and open areas of land. The sea ran all along the road. Suddenly the car swerved to the right and we had to stop. Before we alighted from the car we knew it was a puncture. The sun was already fairly high now and the delay was most unwelcome but it couldn't be helped. We got down and busied ourselves. When we resumed the journey a few minutes later, we had all begun to show signs of the strain. It wasn't as if we felt free or that we had enough leisure. We felt that we were struggling to get some time for ourselves and this spoilt halt the fun.

    At last we were there, our cases in the Rest House and we in our swimming trunks. Mum relaxed with a book and we were enjoying the struggle against the waves. At times their impact was subdued; at other times they came with a great deal of force and carried us before them. We would dive to protect ourselves from their impact. It was great fun! We were soon tired and joined our parents and sat down on the grass mat. We opened the baskets and satisfied our ravenous appetites and disappeared again after lunch.

    This time we decided to join the local fishermen and asked them to take us out to the sea. It was a risky job for we were not at all used to their boats and fell out of them a number of times. Though we were fairly good swimmers, the sea, with all its unending vastness, is a frightening prospect. It took us quite sometime to get used to their unsteady movement, but were thrilled when we helped them haul in a good catch.

    This pleasure was however short-lived. My brother fell out and lost his nerve and he blindly hit out' towards the nearest object. Before I could count to two, he hit his head hard against the boat. I didn't even see what happened next. I was myself of panic stricken. All I could see was blood Rowing out of the wound just above his right eye. I cried for help. The fishermen put him in the boat and took us to the shore. We joined our parents, I supporting my brother all the way. By this time his face had a bluish, swollen look. My mother luckily had some antiseptic cream and with a handkerchief she dabbed the wound clean. They didn't say a word to scold us and I admire my mother who didn't lose her nerves. But the stay had to he cut short. There was a big gash and his eye seemed to hurt him, so we drove back - subdued foursome - and went straight to the hospital. My brother had to be admitted and the gash required stitches. He was given some injections also. We felt awful and were very quiet and disappointed and worried. What an outing! It was more like a nightmare.

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