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Computer Hardware Engineers modify hardware components for computers. Sample resumes for this position highlight such skills as assembling of various kinds of computers; installing interface cards; setting up network printers and other peripherals; and installing, configuring, and removing hardware components like network adapter drivers, display drivers, and multimedia devices. Example resumes indicate that Computer Hardware Engineers usually hold a bachelor's degree in the fields of computer engineering, computer science or electrical engineering, though some advanced positions require a master's degree.

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Computer Hardware Engineer

Reviewed workstation design blueprints and enforced adherence to established safety and quality specifications. Forecasted quarterly time and material budget requirements for automation projects and equipment installation.

  • Supported the network team with various administration tasks. Provided network representation in design reviews. Also assisted the network team with private VLAN and port-security implementation projects.
  • Authored process and procedure documents for workstation installations in a new manufacturing facility collaborating between multiple teams and enabling production start-up.
  • Saved company an estimated $70,000 per year in repair costs by developing and implementing a streamlined repair and replacement procedure.
  • Initiated a corporate security investigation into computer component thefts and implemented a multi-team strategy that eliminated the occurrences.

Systems Analyst / Computer Hardware Engineer

Directly interfaced with U.S. Army operational units in the development and integration of conceptual communications and navigation systems. Produce briefings and a "White Paper" on the concept and proposal.

  • Performed Engineering and technical research support on a Government contract to document the current configuration of the U.S. Space Command missile warning main processing computer systems, and the subsequent re-write / update of all affected operating manuals.
  • Produced "As Built" drawings using both AutoCAD and Visio Engineering design programs.
  • Produced AFSSI 524 compliant security accreditation documents for a secure extended tape transfer system (ETTS). The ETTS provided a secure data transfer link between the Software Development Integration Facility (SDIF) on Peterson AFB and the BMEWS/Pave Paws ballistic missile early warning sensor sites.

Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Responsibilities included problem detection and solving, fixing and reinstalling software and hardware, and maintaining the company network.
  • Maintained and setup new user security accounts for Windows NT 4.0 Server.
  • Did troubleshooting, diagnosed, installed, upgraded, configured, and repaired computer systems and network system components.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Designed and implemented a low latency ARM based product for musicians to collaborate remotely in real time.

  • Circuit board designs with Quad core ARM processor, DDR3 memories, Pro Audio codec, programmable preamp, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, SD Card and UART interfaces.
  • Research, select and procure PCB components, product enclosure, and power supply.
  • Oversee PCB layout and manufacture and assembly. PCB bring-up; JTAG debugging
  • Audio device driver development, User-space app development for SPI devices.
  • Use Yocto Project to develop embedded Linux images and user-space applications.

Computer Hardware Engineer Co-op

Performed server room and component energy balances

  • Used heat calculations to optimize server performance and component layout
  • Programmed computers to execute functions on given conditions
  • Maintained constant communication with clients and distributors

Computer Hardware Engineer

Provide support in computer-aided engineering using techniques and tools such as AutoCAD spreadsheets, word processors, graphics/presentation, and other tools used in engineering analysis and documentation.

  • Assists with design, development, test, and integration of system hardware components, interfaces and software/firmware packages to produce fully integrated systems.
  • Update and maintain all VSCS and VTABS engineering drawing drawings in compliance with all ASME standards.
  • Create ECOs as directed by the sites and baseline the changes.
  • Serve as the Hardware Point of Contact (POC) on projects and provide project hardware support.
  • Provided technical field support nationwide as a contractor for the FAA in NAS on M1FC & flight service station systems.
  • I also supported WMSCR, ADAS, WARP and OASIS systems hardware. Equipment involved mainframe Tandem systems, and sub-systems such as Kennedy tape drives, Fujitsu turbo tape drives, line printers, switches, routers and other peripherals. Troubleshooting problems with hardware and interfacing with software at terminal to test and to identify system defects and malfunctions. Building, cabling, and testing systems for deployment. Worked with protocol analyzers.
  • Creation of documentation in Microsoft Office, and drawings of system architecture in VISIO. Worked with Visual Basic 6.0. Developed solutions to hardware problems.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Designed and tested computer equipment for commercial use

  • Troubleshot escalated computer-related malfunctions
  • Performed cost benefit analysis
  • Supervised staff engineers in the installation and troubleshooting

Computer Hardware Engineer/system Administrator Ii

Company which provides real-time video transmission, automatic vehicle location, back-up data, and voice communication for transit authority, school buses and government vehicles

  • Create, Update and Maintain System Images
  • Perform routine network and PC installation, troubleshoot, maintain and resolve any related problems
  • Test and repair computer hardware, system software and applications
  • Approval of hardware and systems warranty
  • Communicate necessary information to field techs and assist in resolving systems issues
  • Desktop Support

Computer Hardware Engineer/ Desktop Support

  • Diagnosed and repaired an extensive variety of branded (HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo/IBM, Acer, Apple, Gateway, Emachine, Asus) and custom built desktop, and laptop computers.
  • Installed Operating systems, drivers, and updates.
  • Performed virus removals and installed antivirus software.
  • Analyzed users needs and recommended appropriate hardware or software.
  • Installed and configured software including Operating Systems, Office programs, email clients, antivirus software, QuickBooks, Quicken, Access, MySQL, and others and resolved software related issues
  • Performed hardware replacements on Android and Apple cell phones and tablets
  • Configured phones and tablets including installing software, updates, and setting up email.
  • Provided customization services such as flashing custom ROMs, Unlocking/jailbreaking and rooting.
  • Provided in depth phone support walking customers through a fix or the configuration of a remote maintenance application.


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Writing Your Hardware Engineer Resume

Even if you have never held a position in your targeted occupation of hardware engineer, your resume must indicate you possess the most important attributes for your field. Particularly in the modern workplace, a resume must present hard skills, education and experience as well as soft skills indicating solid character, integrity and personal balance. Together, all of these attributes will improve your chances of landing an interview and the job you want.

Some of the soft skills you should include alongside experience and hard skills are:

  • Professionalism
  • Objectivity and empathy
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Personal accountability
  • Collaborative team orientation

If you are experienced as a hardware engineer, you may use that background to indicate you possess these soft skills on your resume. However, if you are a newcomer in the work world of hardware engineering, you must be more creative in your indication that you have what it takes to excel within the field, such as through inclusion of:

  • Volunteer history or internships
  • Accolades, bonuses or awards
  • Related coursework or training
  • Administrative and technical skills
  • Professional and personal references

For the optimum hardware engineer resume, do not forget to spotlight integrity, problem solving and a customer-oriented approach. These will help you gain advantage over field competitors within a limited job market.

Formatting Your Hardware Engineer Resume

Now that you are likely starting to consider which personal and professional attributes to include as part of your hardware engineer resume alongside harder skills and experience, you must devise a clean and organized format. Recruiters and hiring managers review dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes for each open job. To move ahead of the pack, your resume must grab and keep their attention.

Below are specific sections widely used as part of hardware engineer resumes and what each section should include:

In about three sentences, describe how you perform in the hardware engineer role. Use present tense, active statements showcasing your key skills, experience and education in a general yet impactful manner. Do not write this as if you aspire to be in this role, but instead as if you already are in the role. Gain the recruiter or hiring manager’s interest and entice them to read more about you.

Regardless of whether you possess a long standing history of work experience as a hardware engineer, or you are new to the occupation, this section must provide your work history. For each job you have had in the past or other projects you have worked as part of, break out bulleted statements which convey how you performed for the employer or team. Include quantifiable statements of success.

Examples may include how you saved a specific number of dollars for the company, enhanced revenue, completed projects under specified budget, number of projects finished, employees supervised, number of customers or accounts served and other such clear accomplishments. Recruiters love such statements of real contribution.

Certifications and Training
You likely have a degree, coursework, training or certifications under your belt. Highlight those, here.

Accolades are key to proving integrity, ambition and tenacity within a glance.

Hardware Engineer Resume Samples

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