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    the students from understanding the RH Bill thoroughly . Chapter II Methods and Procedures A. Methodology The researcher of this study used the...
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    bill. They must perform further researches so that they are sure that it will help the youth and not to destroy them.  REACTION PAPER ON THE RH BILL RH Bill...
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    RH bill and perspective about its passage. They concluded that well-versed students regarding the RH Bill...
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  • Rh Bill
    RH BILL. RH bill does not legalize abortion. The bill ... Research...
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    effects and impacts of RH bill in relation to church and the family under the local government of Quezon. Specifically the researchers aim's to answer the...
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    the completion and perfection of this research paper. We could have not completed ... Reproductive Health Bill, popularly known as the RH Bill, is a Philippine bill...
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    RH Bill? I believe that there is no harm in promoting the RH Bill. Id go with the passing of the said bill ... Health Bill, the stand is backed up by research and...
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  • Rh Bill Generalization
    STDs will be prevented, so I thought of the RH Bill as a positive thing. But according to researchers, using contraceptives is not effective and also most of this...
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    Reaction Paper(ARGUELLES:IMMORAL TO FAVOR RH) Angel Eloisa N. Bengilo III-PISCES The RH Bill is one of the hottest issue now in the Philippines. Many are asking...
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  • On Rh Bill And More
    03/10/15th-congress-house-bill-4244-full-text-final-consolidated-rh-bill-hb-4244/ After reading and analysing every sections of this bill, then I come out with my...
    Words: 6695 — Pages: 27


The Asian Development Bank in 2004 listed a large population as one of the major causes of poverty in the country.d.

The National Statistics Office affirms that large families are prone topoverty.d.


While NSSM 200 did not specify abortion as a preferred family planningmethod, the Report observed that “no country has reduced its populationgrowth without resorting to abortion.”b.

Pushing for only two children per family will make us experience thepopulation ageing and collapse taking place today in rich countries, andlike them, we will also wish to pay parents to have more children--butunlike them, we will have no money to do so.c.

Family planning should be left to the individual families and not the Stateintervening on it.e.


Family planning will not lead to a demographic winter.1.

UP economics professors in their paper “Population and Poverty:The Real Score” declared that the threat of a so-calleddemographic winter in the Philippines is “greatly exaggerated, andusing it as an argument against a sensible population policy is aplain and simple scare tactic.”2.

Timed Pregnancya.

It will ensure that children will be blessings for theirparents since their births are planned and wanted.b.

The bill does not impose a two-child policy.1.

It just shows the ideal children approximates desired by women.c.

Strengthening of the Population CommissionIII.

On Contraceptivesa.


The bill does not legalize abortion nor does lead to its legalization.1.

Other Catholic countries have already promoted contraceptiveswhile criminalizing abortion.a.

Same goes with some Muslim and Buddhist countries2.

Contraceptives are essential medicines.a.

No life-threatening side effects.i.

Medical and scientific evidence shows that all thepossible medical risks connected withcontraceptives are infinitely lower than the risks of an actual pregnancy and everyday activities.b.

There are other benefits from it.

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