Redgum I Was Only 19 Essay About Myself

“I was only 19” is a protest song by Redgum which reflects a physical journey of a young boy who is going off to the Vietnam War. When reading the song lyrics it can also be seen as a ballad or a retrospect because the way it has been composed. Throughout the entirety of the song there are many themes like the Vietnam War and Culture which is shown through mention of multiple traditional towns like “Nui Dat” and “Vung Tau”, there is also reference to agent orange which was used during the Vietnam war. Other themes include Australian history, anti-war protest and returned soldiers or veterans.

For the duration of “I was only 19” there are many poetic devices which include repetition, colloquialism, rhetorical questions and metaphors. Repetition is used throughout the song to reinforce that the boy was only 19 and yet he was still being exposed to the horrors and brutality of war. Colloquialism is also used through mention of “VB”, “drinking tinnies” and “til the morphine came and killed the bloody row”, this language allows readers to have a greater connection with the song as it is more relaxed and free flowing. Rhetorical questions are used in this song to get the listeners more involved and thinking about the meaning of the song, an example of a rhetorical questions used in the song is ‘and can you tell me doctor, why i still can’t get to sleep?’. the final technique is metaphors an example is ‘it was a war within yourself’ this is suggesting that the feelings and emotions of the soldiers were going through was just as chaotic and horrific as a war however there wasn’t actually a literal war in your head it was just figurative language.

...inquiry is to answer the question, does living in significant settings, time periods or personal experiences of the authors influence and/or develop their work? This report will go on to examine whether the following authors work was influenced and/or developed by them growing up in a significant setting or time period. The chosen authors are Larry Watson, George Orwell, Kurt Vonegut, J.G Ballard and director …….. From these authors I chose to study the five texts, Montana 1948, By Larry Watson, 1948, By George Orwell, Slughter House Five, By Kurt Vonegut, Empire Of The Sun, By J.G Ballard and the visual text Rendition directed by ………. Evidence from these texts will be used to process information by way of three questions. How did the time period the author was born and grew up in influence or have an affect on their writing? How does the location the author was born and lived in have an effect on their writing? How does the writers personal life and experiences have an effect on their writing? These three questions are formulated to give a comprehensive understanding of the authors and the effects of personal experience on their writing. Text-One, Montana 1949, By Larry Watson. Question one- How does the writers personal life and experiences have an effect on their writing? The novel Montana 1948, By Larry Watson is about the horrific events that...

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