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At Hospitality Mints, we’ve been making mints every day in Boone, North Carolina since 1976. True to those Bicentennial Year roots, we put “Made in America” quality and pride in every mint. We manufacture, print, wrap and ship custom-ordered mints for thousands of restaurants across the country, enabling our customers to convey their personalized message and brand immediately and effectively.

As the largest supplier of custom mints in the U.S., we produce and sell more than 1.6 billion mints annually. Just how many mints get directly into the hands and mouths of consumers? Laid end to end, those mints would stretch 16,000 miles. Put another way, if those mints were stacked on top of one another, they’d reach into another level of the atmosphere — kind of like how you can take your customer loyalty and sales to the next level by sharing a minty token of appreciation.

Hospitality Mints is led by president and CEO Patrick Viancourt and a management team with deep experience in the food industry. Together with our 160 employees, we continue to grow the business through our vertically integrated operation, our outstanding customer service and our commitment to finding new avenues to use mints to help make dining experiences more meaningful.

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