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Welcome to Faith Academy Ota. We offer our students the best as God helps us to improve them in every area of life. Here in FA Canaanland,Students are fully mentored academically, spiritually,socially and in creativity with a high sense of discipline






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September, 2018


Km 10, Idiroko Road, Ota, Ogun State



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Albert Einstein said, "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." For many people, young and older alike, sometimes learning new things can be challenging. We already know that when we are curious about a topic, it is easier to learn. In this class, we will take on various subject matter (outlined below), which can and usually does help spark a desire to learn more about the answers and questions. (For more on how curiosity aids in learning, please read this study:

If your child has an interest in trivia, competition, obscure facts, and is curious with questions about many things in life, please join our Quick Recall Team!

In my home state of Kentucky, I was an avid participant in the Governor's Cup and Quick Recall for many years. I am excited to bring this fun approach to learning to you! In Quick Recall, a team of young people listens to questions read by a moderator (me) and tries to beat the clock, and the opposing team, with a correct response.

The questions are divided into 5 categories: Math Science Social Studies (History, Geography, Current Events, Economics, Sociology) Arts and Humanities (Art, Music, Dance, Mythology, Religion, Pop Culture) Language Arts (Literature, Grammar, Literary Terms).

Students are given a set of questions to study for the week, and I will choose questions from this list to toss-up during each class (called a "meet"), which will have two rounds with a short recess in between. Each question will have a very answer short timer I'll display on screen, and I'll track points to choose the winning team at the end of each meet. I will give a new set of questions for each meet that will be appropriate for grades 5-10, and advanced learners may do well. Some questions will be general knowledge, but most will be memorization so younger or older learners can enjoy trivia as well. We will play individually for classes 1-5. During classes 6-10, our class will be divided into two teams.

Please note: This course has three different parts each with different questions and topics. Your child is invited to sign up for one or all three. They are going to LOVE it!

Weeks: 10

Instructor: Jessica Elkins

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