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Hey guys.

Having initially decided to sit March 2015, I'm now considering sitting the exam in September 2014. I'm unable to start this week, so will be beginning prep next week if I decide to do so (giving me roughly 19 weeks to prep).

What do you think? Is this possible? I'm a non-science grad, and had previously prepped for the exam a couple of years ago, but then opted to try the UKCAT route first. I've covered lots of the Biology before, so I think I should be able to get through the Biology material pretty quickly.

I'm considering spending 2 nights a week on Biology (I'm doing this as part of a course I'm currently doing, and this is compulsory), 1 day at the weekend covering Chemistry, and 1 day at the weekend practicing Sections 1 and 2. Then 2 weeks out, taking time off work and doing mostly practice exam questions every day, and brushing up on my weak areas.

A lot of what I've read about the exam is that it isn't really a knowledge-based exam, but an aptitude, which is I'm considering sitting it given such short notice.



Re: GAMSAT Essay Topics

GAMSAT essay topics are usually abstractions taking the form of a famous quote, controversial statement or witty idea. As you most likely know:

Task A of the GAMSAT essay topics is most likely contentious, argumentative and critical which asks you to write for or against the proposition.

Task B of the GAMSAT essay topics is most likely more abstract, reflective, expressive, even poetic in its proposed contemplation and response. Since Task A is most likely political, it is best to be well-read in current global events. Since Task B is most likely reflective it is best to be well-read in aesthetics and literature.

Since you are given a number of quotations for either task, one can respond either directly to one quote, to the general implied idea behind the quotes, or use the quote as a theme to respond to. In a Task A marking, the highest standards are most likely evidence and support to back up claims made in the essay. In Task B markings, the highest standards usually revolve around an experiential evaluation based in style. This dichotomy is somewhat arbitrary when both standards work in conjunction for both essays.

Before we cover common examples of GAMSAT essay topics you can click below to download your Free GAMSAT Essay Questions for Section 2.


Examples of GAMSAT essay topics could be almost anything; so a wonderful source for practice and study is a book of quotations or a list of quotes found online. In addition, higher-grade periodicals, such as The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, Rolling Stone, et. al. can help immensely! These periodicals cover current events well, have a strong op-ed section, as well as showcase artistic pursuits.

Of course, the best practice in preparing for the GAMSAT essay topics is to actually write. Choose some common universal themes (Friendship, Love, Suffering, etc.) in a book of quotations and respond in writing. Read up on current controversial topics (politics, social injustices, etc.) and formulate a response. Share these with friends for feedback or post on your favourite online forums to generate responses.

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We will now quickly overview a range of common GAMSAT essay topics.

Common Topics GAMSAT Task A

  • Freedom
  • Crime
  • Poverty
  • Wealth
  • Punishment
  • Science
  • Technology

Task B of the GAMSAT is targeted to be the reflective essay. The quotes that students receive usually have a personal theme to allow students to relate the themes with their own experiences in life.

Common Topics GAMSAT Task B

  • Love
  • Humour
  • Suffering
  • Youth
  • Beauty
  • Conformity
  • Originality
  • Ageing

Quick Tips For Writing Your GAMSAT Essay

1. It is highly recommended that students write about these GAMSAT Essay Topics. Students should find quotes that relate to these themes and write as many essays as possible about these. Then when students are in the actual exam they will already have so many examples in mind for each theme to back up their essays – This will greatly improve your timing in the essay!

2. Students should write practice essays for each of these themes and have them looked at by a professional or a friend who has went exceptionally well in the GAMSAT

3. When practicing essay writing students should work under timed conditions and try to simulate the actual exam environment as much as possible. Find a quote place and sit down at a desk. Students need to actually write the essays out on lined paper – just like they will need to do in the actual GAMSAT exam. This is also beneficial as it will train the writing muscles to copy with 1 hour of continuous writing in section 2.

Also, a great book that covers many GAMSAT essay topics is called ‘The Meaning Of Things’ by AC Grayling.

Finally, a word of advice, think of your writings not as practice, but as rehearsal. By rehearsing each day, you will develop the optimism in your responses to Ace the GAMSAT!

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