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  1. Hey everyone, I'm pretty new on here, but please hear me out, and try and help me, because like most students, I'm starting to panic!!

    I'm in Year 11, and I'm doing Media Studies AQA (as you can tell). Now, I did my exam last year on Reality TV, getting 100%. My teacher was pushing for me to go for the Double Award, but failed to inform me the amount of work needed for Unit 4. So this is the breakdown:

    Unit 1 - Reality TV Exam
    Unit 2 - Coursework
    Unit 3 - Institutions Exam
    Unit 4 - Investigation Coursework

    Upon hearing this January the amount of work required, I decided to consolidate my 100% and stick with the single award - just units 1 and 2 (as I'd rather have an A* than a BC/CD equivalent). However, as we'd wasted time learning institutions, we were left with just the coursework to do, and only 2011 to do it in. She has now said that the deadline for coursework is March 28th - let me tell you about the coursework.

    To me, there are 2 parts to all 3 tasks - creative and analytical.

    Assignment 1
    We've gone for magazines. Therefore, we had to create a magazine cover for our creative task. Only NOW though has she realised that it might be two editions, not one. What has everyone else done?

    Along with this is the analytical task. We had to analyse two magazine covers, which I did. however, she's telling us we need to analyse our own magazines we created as well. Is this right!?!?

    Assignment 2
    This is the real problem. It's something to do with creating a DVD cover. We are yet to start, and we're still pretty lost. We have to use 90% of our own photographs. How can we promote a film without using proper photos? Or is it a made up film?

    The analytical task. In one breath, she says we have to compare two methods of film promotion. In the next, it's two 1000 essays on our DVD cover. In another breath, it's just the basic design of our DVD covers. Then I read something about a "cross media" investigation - isn't that unit 4?!? Help! Who has done this assignment yet, and what exactly did you do?

    Assignment 3
    We went for radio. Now, we got in a radio DJ to help us produce our programme, which we have done with great success. Creative side = done.

    Analysis though, what has to be done? Again, she's getting us to research Radio 1, the DJs, create a brief that we'd send to Radio 1 about our radio show. She said it mustn't be more than 12 pages - what has to be marked though?

    I've been doing as she says so far, as she is the one marking our coursework. I've now got to the point where I have 25 days left, and still not a bloody clue as to what we need to do. I need all As and A*s to get a 100% scholarship at my school, and with 40% already in the bag, I must surely push for an A*. However, she doesn't seem to know what she's doing. Luckily, it's a class of 3, but we still have lost all direction. We ask her these questions, and she says "I'll ask AQA" - and we get nothing back. Any help would be much appreciated!!

  2. Bumping this - I emailed AQA but they said I have to go through my teacher and coursework advisor. Guys please help! :/

  3. Can someone help?! I need a comparison of two jingles and of two features on the radio. (A page each)


AQA GCSE Media Studies Assignment 3 Practical Production Evaluation Guide

Rob Miller | Wednesday January 09, 2013

Categories: GCSE, AQA GCSE, Hot Entries, News, Popular Press, Production Zone, Print Production

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You must produce a 700-800 word Evaluation which should reflect upon the process of the production from the aims right through to the 4 Newspaper Page production.

Structure your Evaluation using the sub headings for each section below and include in each section an image of your production e.g. one of the newspaper pages (as a smaller image) in draft form or the final page or part of the final page. You need to do this to illustrate and explain to the Moderator the areas you are evaluating:

Section 1: How the Aims of the Newspaper Production were met.

  • Explain your initial intentions – to develop 4 Newspaper Pages for a new publication that was informed by research into real media output and that references the codes and conventions of a Tabloid e.g. The Sun, a Mid-Market Tabloid e.g. The Daily Mail, a Broadsheet e.g. The Guardian or a Local Newspaper e.g. Newcastle’s Evening Chronicle.
  • Did you meet your aims? Explain why or why you did not meet your aims with reasons. What did you do fist that enabled you to meet your aims? You may have studied existing newspapers, annotated existing front covers and selected pages to help you understand the type of media and technical language used. You may have also researched target audiences and circulation figures and how newspapers target a specific demographic.
  • You may also want to reference, as identified above how the circulation figures of newspapers has fallen as a result of new digital media and the many different ways there are now of accessing news e.g. 24 hour rolling television news, the internet, mobile phone applications and also social networking or even social news and entertainment websites like Reddit – one of your aims may have been to address this by including convergent links on your newspaper pages.

Section 2: How your Newspaper references Genre Codes and Conventions and uses appropriate Media / Technical language.

If you have...

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