Egypt Essay Introduction

Power and Maintenance of Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Ancient Egyptian civilization is known as one of the most significant events in history due to its lengthy existence. There are various elements of its civilization that is credited for its long-lasting reign. It provided vast achievements in areas such as medicine, art and engineering to name a few. Structural developments such as buildings were also known to be creative and influential. In order for people to really understand its significance you need to learn about its history from the beginning. This will help to understand which industries benefited during this period.

The Ancient Egyptian civilization started somewhere around 3000 BC in northeast Africa. The elements came together near the Nile River and along the coast of Syrian. As you learn about how this area was developed it seems they used their resources well. They used surplus funds to pay for war, overseas trading and to refine lifestyles of elite citizens. Many achievements came in the form of written plans for agriculture development, architecture and surveying. The government ruled the nation as a whole. Even though there were large groups of people that lived, they lived in smaller groups that allowed people to closely look after each other.

Pharaoh was an army leader. He was known to help protect land areas being threatened. As he governed the land he had help from special groups known as civil service. He had a chief minister that was quite powerful in helping him execute orders. During this time the land, army and religion was being developed. Their religion included worshipping a number of goddesses and gods. There was a god and goddess for the sun, nature, war and the dead. Temples were developed to encourage people to worship their god or goddess from them. Many believed if they were blesses they would receive the goods of the land.

Most of their civilization surrounded agriculture. Their society and economy included a vast number of farmers. Due to fertile land areas they were able to produce large amounts of produce which helped increase funding. The development of pyramids built by peasants would soon follow. This led to the creative writings found within the structures known as hieroglyph. They comprised of special messages and pictures that highlight how their people lived. Many aspects developed during this time period has a significant effect on modern civilization.

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