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Though I have never been fat, I can understand why some people get that way. There are times when I think there is not enough choice in the world when it comes to food, and I feel like I have eaten every type of meal at least 100 times–and then there are times when there is so much good stuff on offer that I simply need to try them all at one time. There are times when I walk around supermarkets and see sliced salmon for sandwiches, quarter pounders with cheese, honey glazed ribs, marshmallow covered pancakes, and toffee pavlova, and I want it all right now. Here are my favourite foods and why I love them so.

Toffee pavlovas are brilliant when still frozen

The toffee pavlova is already a brilliant idea because you have meringue on the outside that is crunchy and sweet, and you then have the cream on the inside, which is fluffy and fresh, and on the top, you have soft caramel. They are good as a fresh treat, but are great whilst partially frozen because the cream inside turns to ice cream.

Self-made pizzas using store bought pizzas

Buy a cheap deep-pan pizza from the frozen section at your local store. Buy some tomato paste and cream, and mix it to make a paste. Add a little seasoning to the paste and microwave it to make it warm. Stir it well and smear it on your pizza. Now add grated cheese and toppings. The once-mediocre store-bought pizza is now a homemade success.

Mixed sushi packets

There are mixed sushi packets you can buy in your local supermarket. They are not cheap, but they are also not as expensive as going to a sushi restaurant or bar. The great thing is that they usually come with a little sauce that you can use on them. Scoffing them down one at a time usually provides a mouthful of deliciousness. Even the vegetarian versions are delicious.

Frozen mixed fruits with double cream

There are boxes of ready-picked fruits you can buy. They are usually comprised of pickable cherries and berries. Wait until they are mostly defrosted and drain off the juices to drink on their own. Then, mix some double cream into the box of fruits and chow down whilst it is still cold. The cream will stick to the fruits because the cold makes it harden up and attach itself to the fruit.

Chinese and honey glazed ribs

These are just great to eat no matter how you make them. If you are on a diet, then throw them in a pan, add a little water and boil them because most of the sauce and grease will stay in the pan. If you are already healthy, then fry or oven bake them. You can even put them on a barbeque if you microwave away a little of their rawness first.

Sliced salmon that is eaten alone or on sandwiches

There is nothing finer than salmon slices so long as it is responsibly farmed, and it is even better if it is on offer. The slices can be eaten alone or on a sandwich. They are also fun to eat for lunch on top of a baked potato with added feta cheese.


There are so many great foods that it is tough to pick a favourite, but as a favourite snack, there is nothing better than tuna chunks in sunflower oil that has been poured into a bowl of mixed salad and then the salad has been tossed using the tuna and oil as dressing. It is a taste that never gets old and can be eaten at any time of the day.

My Favorite Food Is Fish

Fish is quite nutritious and one of the healthiest foods in the world. Research has confirmed that fish is not only rich in protein but is also a low-fat food. Eating fish regularly is necessary especially white-fleshed fish which is considered as one of the low fat sources of animal protein. The human body cannot manufacture adequate amounts of nutrients and this necessitates the intake of foodstuffs like fish. While low-fat fish is considered beneficial health-wise, oily fish also boasts of being rich in omega-3 fatty acids or what is known as the “good fats” in layman’s language. Additionally, unlike red meat, fish is low on “bad fats” or what biologists call omega-6 fatty acids. Aside from the deep scientific facts about the importance of fish, I like fish because it is delicious and take less time to prepare. Fish is always on my list whenever I need or am presented with an opportunity to pick a meal from a menu. I never get tired of talking about fish and why it is my favorite food and hence the gist or the essence of this article.

First of all, fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for growth and development. Research has confirmed that omega-3 fatty acids are useful because they normally accumulate or become saturated in the developing eye and brain. Pregnant women are often advised to eat a lot of fish for purposes of ensuring that they have enough omega-3 fatty acids. The above is also applicable to nursing mothers. However, it is also essential to note that pregnant women are advised to avoid the types of fish which are high in mercury as well as raw and uncooked fish.

Secondly, researchers have confirmed that fish also helps to lower a person’s risk of getting a heart attack or a stroke. Research has shown that people who regularly eat fish have a lower risk of getting a heart attack or any complications of the heart. As already stated, fish contains the “good fats” which apparently are more beneficial and essential to having a healthy heart.

Thirdly, fish is also considered as one of the best if not the best source for Vitamin D. To a man’s body, Vitamin D acts as a steroid hormone and unknowingly to people, a majority of people are lacking in it. However, research has confirmed that by eating fish or fish products, one can increase their intake and level of Vitamin D in their body. People are often told to either get good amounts of sunlight on a daily basis. If this is not an option for you, consider eating fish or its products to supplement your Vitamin D levels.

Fish also helps to improve one’s skin and hair. When people eat low fat diets they leave their skin and hair in need of fat and the consequence is dry skin. However, fish boasts of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are not only useful for the body but will also help one to maintain a good skin but also have shiny hair.

In conclusion, fish also helps to reduce the rates of getting depressed. Depression has contributed to a lot of deaths where some people have taken their lives as a result of getting overwhelmed with issues like loneliness and sadness. Currently, depression is one of the world’s major health problems. However, research has revealed that the omega-3 fatty acids can help to treat depression especially when used alongside antidepressant medications. One other reason why fish is my favorite food is that it helps in brain development. My love for fish is indeed rooted in research and well because it is delicious. I have no plans to stop consuming it and I may even learn how to fish in the near future.

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