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Using a previous scholarship essay contest we hosted, where our judges received more than 4,000 essays, we noticed some frequent mistakes students make that can instantly disqualify you from an essay contest.

We thought to ourselves, "Hello, learning opportunity!

Here, an example of what NOT to do in an essay – and some tips on making yourself a better candidate for scholarship cash.

Here’s one of the essays we received for a previous scholarship contest, to help you learn the do’s and don’ts of essay writing:

“To be able to hold onto your money you have to know how to manage it. Money management is a complicated process. As teenagers we often have no idea how to manage money and we end up wasting a lot of it. But in a bad economy most of us have had a crash course in what happens when you don’t manage your money properly. We have had to delve into a world foreign and unfamiliar to us and solve our own money problems. The most successful of us have managed to still have some semblance of a social life without going over our small budgets. The keys to doing this successfully are actually quite simple.

Set up your own budget of expenses. Teenagers may not have to worry about paying a mortgage or rent but we do have to be able to pay for gas, insurance for our vehicles, and the never ending list of project expenses and supplies for classes. So you have to sit down and balance what you spend in a month with what you actually make, and whether that’s the money you get for your birthday that you manage to stretch with help from mom’s pocketbook or it’s the minimum wage that you get from the local fast food joint where you have managed to find employment the money comes from somewhere and it needs to be written down.

Review your expenses daily. This includes balancing your checkbook and reviewing your online statements, as well as calculating any emergency expenses that you were not considering. This needs to be fluid as sometimes things come up that you just couldn’t have forseen.

You have to get creative. You are not always going to have the time to sit there with a calculator crunching numbers so create small ways to keep thing balanced without having to. Send yourself easy phone reminders about a few of your expenses. Always bring your school id with you because a lot of places will give students discounted rates. And finally, just remember where your money is going it will help.”

So, what was wrong and what was right?

One thing the essay writer did correctly was to stay within the word count for the contest.

The essay contest stated within the rules that essays should range from 250-350 words and this essay comes in at 349 words. Good job!

Another positive is that the writer stayed on topic and answered the question that was presented.

However, even though the writer did stay on topic, the response took a meandering approach and didn’t take a strong or memorable stance. In short, the “meat” of the essay wasn’t there. Think of it this way: sum up in one sentence what you want the reviewer to know and remember after reading your essay. Did you get that across in a clear and concise way?

Each essay should get across at least one breakout idea (aka, the thesis statement) and the rest of the essay should focus on selling that point. If it’s a new, creative or off-beat idea, focus on selling and explaining that. If it’s a common idea, focus on trying to say it better than anyone else.

Here are a few more examples of what the essay writer did wrong:

Misspellings –

Misspellings are the fastest way to ensure an essay is disqualified. When combing through a stack of essays, a judge will first rule out the essays with simple misspellings. Long story short: run a spell check and have someone else you trust look over it. It’s always best to get a second set of eyes.

Incomplete sentences – Remember, each sentence should have a subject (someone or something) and a verb (action). Wondering if your sentence is complete? Here’s a hint: A complete sentence tells a complete thought.

No capitalization –

it’s bad enough not to capitalize words at the beginning of a sentence, but at the beginning of a paragraph it stands out even more! Yikes!

Missing punctuation –

In this example, the writer does not have proper command over the use of commas — namely they are missing in places they should have been added and added places they are not required.

Poor grammar and sentences that don’t make sense –

The essay writer uses poor word choices, improper grammar and mistakes such as having too many spaces between words. Another example of poor grammar is the confusion of grammatical persons — in the beginning of the essay the writer uses the first person plural (we) and toward the end, the writer uses the second person (you).

Run-on sentences –

In this essay, one sentence has 72 words. As a rule, try to keep sentences no longer than 35 words each.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you write an essay. Remember, you don’t want to give the judges any reason to disqualify your essay right off the bat.

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My first nursing experience was at an assisted living facility while I was pursuing my nurse’s aide certificate. We covered many skills in our training, but I learned that this job was far more than simply completing everyday tasks. During my time at the assisted living facility, I would help one particular resident brush her teeth. Her hands were feeble so brushing her teeth proved to be a difficult task. She appreciated my help and constantly thanked me for providing her with this care, and however simple it may seem, I would go home feeling as if I had made a difference.

Over the years I have sought a career that will provide me with physical, emotional and intellectual challenges that focuses on caring for others. My personal pursuit to make service the focal point of my professional life developed while I was pursuing my first bachelor’s degree.  I debated about switching to nursing while studying for my first undergraduate degree, but decided against it because I felt that helping the family business was more important at the time.

A couple of years into working for my family, I still had a passion to pursue something more meaningful. Shortly thereafter, I joined AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC). During my 10 months of service I worked on various hands-on projects in multiple communities around the United States where I worked directly with people. Seeing how the work we completed affected their lives made me certain that service needed to be incorporated into my life. Upon completing NCCC, I was confident that I wanted to pursue nursing so I started taking pre-requisites to get into a program.  To get some hands on experience while I was taking my classes, I received my nurse’s aid certificate which yet again reaffirmed my passion for healthcare.

Without wasting a breath in response to the question “Are you happy you made the decision to attend NYU’s accelerated nursing program?” I answered, “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else”. My motivation behind this drastic career change is not something that I can easily express with words, but rather is something that resides in me beyond explanation. A commitment to nursing is more like a commitment to helping people, as well as a commitment to making service a central part of my adult life. Throughout my life I have had experiences that have challenged me on many different levels, but I know that nursing will be the biggest, yet most rewarding challenge. Nursing is more than a career to me, it’s my calling.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation NCIN scholarship has not only helped me financially, but by becoming a part of the Robert Wood Johnson community, the access to a proficient and compassionate mentor is invaluable in supporting my personal and professional growth.  Not only has my academic focus taken precedence with financial burdens aside, but I also received another instrumental resource, my mentor, who enriches my learning experience to becoming a well-rounded healthcare professional.

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