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Updated: Mar 07, 2018

customs, traditions and also values that are inherit from their ancestors


. The laws were notcodified and made by informal procedures, therefore were not considered as written laws.Secondly, the differences of the former and current legal systems are based on thestructures. The judicial systems or the courts currently are more formalize and systematiccompared to the former legal system. There is level of hierarchy in court and there are clear guidelines on the responsibilities and power of judges. Moreover, the legal systems are not onlycompromise laws and judiciary but it also involves the government and the authority thatgoverns the state. Therefore, the governmental system or executive are also one part of legalsystem. The current governmental systems are more systematic and formal. The leaders areelected by the people through election under what is called as democracy. This is differencefrom the former system where before this, there were no systematic judicial system and themembers of the government were choosen by the leader. The leadership in former governmental system was inherited through bloodline or family


.The next difference that can be seen is the legal actors within the systems. Legal actors aremostly people that involve directly with the laws such as lawyers and judge


. Before this, thereare no specific roles on these legal actors. There were no formal judges or lawyers. The judgesusually were the leaders of the tribe. Nowadays, the judges are formally appointed based ontheir experiences and credibility in the legal aspects.Lastly, the fourth category is the enforcement of laws. Enforcement is an important part inlegal system as it making sure that the people obeys and follows the laws made by authorities.In the current legal system, there are many formal agencies created to enforce laws. Theseformal agencies did not exist before as it was not important by the leaders during that periods.

2. Are these differences parallel with the changes in society?

Law and society are very connected. Since the laws are made to control and at the sametime to provide benefits for the society, therefore laws must be flexible towards the changes


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